Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Putting Sparkle into Prosecco

Mionetto Just north of the beloved city of Venice, the town of Valdobbiadene has been the home of the Mionetto Winery since 1887.  The celebrated winery is located in The Veneto wine region in northern Italy which is world renowned for producing prosecco, Italy’s most popular sparkling wine.  In the late afternoon, virtually every bar in Venice pours glass after glass of prosecco, which Venetians consider a pick-me-up.

Between the southern Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Mionetto’s vineyards enjoy ideal growing conditions with thin soil, giving way to stone, providing the grapes a mineral taste that is highly regarded.  Sunshine is prevalent year round.Mionetto USA

The town of Valdobbiadene and Mionetto Winery

Mionetto, owned by MW Imports, is now the top selling prosecco in the US and a leading prosecco selection around the world.  “It is an easy-to-drink wine,” says Mionetto USA CEO, Enore Ceola.  “People like it because it is light, food friendly, casual but elegant, and less dramatically crisp than champagne,” he explains.

Mionetto USA CEO, Enore Ceola

Visitors to the winery in the rambling hills of northern Italy will find Mionetto’s tasting room in the original home of the founding family.  Casa Mionetto is a store located within the winery property where visitors can taste and purchase wine.  There is a museum with a collection of old vinification implements and a collection of all the iconic wine Mionetto has produced.

Most visitors to the region start out in Venice.  Those who venture into wine country of The Veneto and the Mionetto Winery are in for a special treat. 

 IL Prosecco Doc: Soft, gentle bubbles invite with fresh fruit forward aromas and flavors of apple, peach and citrus

Mionetto Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut: Fine, persistent bubbles with crisp notes of white pear, green apple and star fruit lead to a clean, elegant finish

‘MO’ Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG: The seductive perlage entices with exotic fruit flavors that build to a long, structured finish




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